How to Experience India with Delhi Belly

Selection of Indian sweets

India offers a culinary smorgasbord that can delight the senses and take your taste buds on a cultural escapade. It’s also infamous for sending you running towards the bathroom.For those looking for an amazing and indigenous food experience India is an exotic delight. However to avoid the dreaded “Delhi Belly” take a food walk with Delhi Food Adventures into a foregone era of sights and flavors.

Since the times of Marco Polo and Alexander the Great the spices, mystery, and richness of India have enticed explorers and lured travelers. Bursting with curries of every flavor, steaming milky cups of chai, the comfort of chipati backing, and the sizzle of sweets frying, eating out in India is traveling foodies dream. The Old Delhi market Chandi Chowok provides a glimpse at the patchwork of local traditions with a dense conglomeration of restaurants, bazaars, street stalls, and chai huts.

Curry Nazi

Negotiating the streets and crowds of Old Delhi can be an intimidating task for even the seasoned traveler. Delhi Food Adventure local resident and organizer Prabhat Bhadauria has curated a 3 hour tour through Old Delhi’s Chandi Chowk market to were the locals come for their favorite dishes. Carefully selected and handpick dishes and establishments provides the tourist and die-hard foodie a safe, exotic, and filling experience.

Prabhat and the other guides from Delhi Food Adventures make their local knowledge invaluable to navigate the densely crowded marketplace and order colorful, unique, and diverse dishes in assorted combinations. Divulge in delectable mutton korma, tandori roti, curries, and paranthas. Satisfy even your strongest sweet tooth with habshi halwa and desi ghee. Enjoy the view and unbelievable chai at the rustic Nirmal RestaurantIncluded is a visit to the iconic Jama Masjid Mosic and stroll through the ancient architecture of the Sitaram Bazaar. All food and rickshaw fees are included in the price and guides skillfully select and order and prepare every detail and even provide hand sanitizer.

Prabhat explaining our meal

Chandni Food Walk is a must for lovers of Indian food and travelers that want an authentic Indian Experience. The tour starts and ends at the Chawri Bazaar Metro Station and lasts around 3.5 hours. Its recommended to wear comfortable shoes and conservative clothing. Make sure you arrive hungry and a good way is to start the day with a visit to the nearby Red Fort, the magnificent former palace of the Mughal Emperor and his family is a cultural and religious gem. There is more than enough food on the tour so try to pace yourself throughout the day.

Experience the tastes and sights of the city with a full “Delhi Bell” instead of spending too much time suffering from the bad kind.

Enjoying the leg of lamb at Karims


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