Travel Lessons from Sindbad the Sailor

You never know what will happen when you travel
photo courtesy of flickr

Traveling isn’t always easy. No one knows this better than Sindbad the Sailor. In the timeless tale The Voyages of Sindbad the intrepid traveler is consistently confronted with hardships and woe during his seven journeys, but the allure of adventure and the spirit of wanderlust tempts him time and again to seek out the unknown.

As anyone who has spent time on the road can tell you, the road is never straight and is often filled with bumps, but it is the journey that matters. Here are some lessons learned from Sindbad’s adventures


There will always be trouble

On each of Sindbad’s seven journeys he was either shipwrecked or abandoned. And that was only the beginning of his troubles. From evil man-eating monsters to starving on a barren island, Sindbad was invariably facing danger and trouble.

Even the best laid plans and intentions may encounter difficultly. Delayed flights, canceled reservations, and food poisoning are all part of traveling. While some problems are bigger than others. It temporarily helps to complain, but in the end one must accept their fate and do the best they can.


Always keep your wits

More than once Sindbad faced death. Whether facing the ferocious Roc birds or trapped alive in a crypt, it doesn’t pay to lose your head. Nearly every time Sindbad seemed doomed his clear thinking and resourcefulness saved his life and more often than not made him richer.

When traveling don’t forget to stay calm, use your intuition, and keep and open mind. When everyone around you is losing theirs it is up to you to have a cool head and find the best solution to the situation.


Never lose hope

Like Sindbad there are always times in one’s life when all hope is lost. Traveling especially brings problems to the surface. Escaping from your comfort zone ultimately brings troubles and tribulations, but the will to hold on and the grit to never quit is what makes the difference between riches and perishing. Sindbad’s path to fortune was anything but easy, however, the thrill of adventure is what inspired him.

For travelers and entrepreneurs alike postcard moments and wealth aren’t the only rewards of life. Even on a vacation when the rain won’t stop, the waves don’t come, or the sites aren’t quite what you expected, don’t fret but instead be inspired and revel in the experience of being there.


Make the best of the situation

Even when Sindbad was shipwrecked, starving,  enslaved, or destined to be eaten he never forgot to make the best of what was available. Sindbad always seemed to stumble upon fields of diamonds and staffs of gold during his times of peril and it is during the tough times that you may discover a far richer travel experience. In the end, you might not return home wealthy and prosperous beyond your wildest dreams like Sindbad, but you might!


The story of Sindbad the Sailor is one of adventure and fortune.  Escaping from your comfort zone through traveling ultimately brings troubles and tribulations, but the will to hold on and the grit to never quit is what makes the difference between a fantastic adventure or horror story. The Voyages of Sindbad are part of the greater collection of stories from Tales from the Thousand and One Nights.


Have any travel horror stories?  Comment and share below!


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